Day one on Kakariki Street!

Welcome to Kakariki Street. We are Paekakariki’s entry into the Kapiti Coast District Council’s Greenest Street competition which runs from October 2010 until June 2011. The aim is for each participating street to improve their overall impact on the environment as individual households and as a community. We will be judged on A. How much we have improved by June 2011 (30%), B. What our overall footprint is at the end (30%), C. What we have achieved as a community group (30%), and D. Other initiatives that may not be covered in the questionnaire (10%). No one needs to fear being singled out as good or bad because marks are based on the average person’s footprint in each street.–Events/2010/Search-on-for-Greenest-Street

We are a cluster of 14 households but you won’t find us on any map (though we are the street to beat on the coast!). Kakariki Street is situated in north Paekakariki and joins 3 bits of other streets together to create one new one. We have a very strong sense of community here and the desire to make this beautiful place even better.

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