The Kakariki is Launched!

Our launch was an all round champion effort complete with politicians, celebrities, flash cameras and then some! Mark & Hannah hosted us all and I must admit, I was taken aback at the turn out, but then apparently Green is the new Black, so perhaps we should have foreseen the turnout given the up coming by-election. As Mark rightly pointed out, we are not A-political. Sue had a great idea and that was to use this opportunity to make a statement from our group opposing the Western Link Motorway, and our message hit it’s

Jake kick-starting the day

target. I noticed one person in our audience quite conspicuously not clapping after Sue’s speech! Perhaps we made them a little uneasy, in which case, job well done!

There were a few speeches and grand introductions where we met three of our judges, Kevin Milne, Joy Darke and Liana Stupples. Other notables who attended were, Jan Logie, Gurunathan and Roger Booth.

Our Kakariki Street sign has been painted and put up by Anja, Winneke and Steve with project management coming from Mark. Massive cheers to them, many people have commented and asked about it already.

Jake announced that we currently have a street average footprint of 2.9 earths. That’s how many earths we’d need in order to keep everyone on earth in the manner we K.Streeters are accustomed to. So, we’ve got a long way to go before we can do any serious back patting, but it’s nice to know we are below the NZ average of 3.7 earths.

Not a-political

I just tried out filling in the quiz with a new set of answers to fit in with the changes I hope to make over the next 7 or 8 months. I am very pleasantly surprised at the results. Why? Well I didn’t lie and pretend I’d buy a hybrid or even drive less or share rides or spend less of my income and there’s a thing or two I know I could change but might not be ready to do yet so I didn’t lie about those either, like shorter showers and diet. But I did change my curtains, my insulation, the size of my vege garden, turning appliances off at the wall, collecting rainwater, installing a grey water system and other things too. Anyway my foot print would be pretty close to excellent and still have plenty of areas where I could continue making it even better. The point I’m trying to make is, it’s not nearly as hard to do as I have been thinking it would be! I didn’t spend big money upfront (maybe excluding the insulation) but will definitely save $ in the long run, and I didn’t even modify my behaviour too noticeably.

Chaos! 9 of our 15 households are represented in this picture. Liana Stupples, Kevin Milne and Joy Darke, competition judges are on the right

If you would like to have a go using the same quiz we are here’s the address:

No one calculator can give you a precise or accurate footprint figure, but I like this one because your results are displayed in terms of how many earths you consume. I can imagine that I am using double or triple the resources I should, but find numbers such as 2 or 92 tonnes of carbon emissions equally baffling and meaningless.

So the launch is over, but the challenge has only just begun. We have loads of projects and plans all of which will be revealed as they happen. Hey if you can think of any house/garden/community “greenifying” improvements or projects for us, please make your suggestions, you could influence the way 15 households live! Keep watching this space…


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One Response to The Kakariki is Launched!

  1. Claire says:

    Glad your launch went well! Your street sounds amazing! 🙂
    I did that quiz and it gave me a 3.29 earths. I guess I need to work on that … a lot!

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