Lasagna Gardens everywhere!

Lasagna Gardening does not refer to plots of cheese and tomato plants nor does it refer to pasta leaves! It does however mean a garden bed that is built up in layers – a bit like making a lasagna. The idea is that you build a compost heap on the site where you wish to plant and let the worms do the rest… and from then on, you never dig over your garden but just pile good stuff on top every now and then to replenish the soil.

We made a Lasagna Garden of 20 layers starting on bare earth. The idea is to alternate “green” and “brown” layers although sometimes I found it hard to know which was which. Watering the layers as you go is really important.

First layers: Leafy greens, newspaper and compost

Mike sprinkling on wood ash

Grass clippings, coffee grains and seaweed

The recipe we used ended up like this:

  • Part dried Taupata sticks
  • Leafy greens (dandelion, fennel, mustard & Brassicas)
  • Newspaper (single pages scrunched up)
  • Compost (well rotted food scaps)
  • Fresh grass clippings
  • Peat moss
  • Seaweed (sea lettuce collected from Plimmerton)
  • Wood ash
  • Compost (well rotted food scaps)
  • Fresh grass clippings
  • Peat moss
  • Peastraw (incl. chicken manure)
  • Coffee granules (thanks to Rebecca at the Deli)
  • Fresh grass clippings
  • Peat moss
  • Seaweed
  • Compost (well rotted food scaps)
  • Fresh grass clippings
  • Peat moss
  • Peastraw
  • We planted up our Lasagna garden after just 10 days. At the time I thought this might have been premature and worried about burning the seedlings’ roots but the results have been amazing, proving my fears unfounded. The plants in the lasagna garden have really thrived, outgrowing identical ones in our other garden bed which has compost in it bought from a local landscaping company. The bought stuff looks nice, but is so sterile nothing really grows in it.

    Lasagna garden planted up with lettuce and beetroot seedlings at 10 days

    6 weeks later and the lasagna garden is flourishing










    A few weeks later, we made another one at Steve’s

    The frame for this garden is built of untreated pine, coated with boiled linseed to extend it's life

    All hands on deck preparing the ground

    Here are a couple of good resources: Charles Dowding’s ‘Organic Gardening the Natural No-Dig Way’ (I got this one from Common Sense Organics)
    The original Lasagna Gardening book can be read on-line:
    Lasagna Gardening

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