Green deed of the day II

Weeded, mulched & watered

Sue and I weeded and mulched the fruit trees on our berms. It’s shockingly dry out there and as our trees are just babies, they were in need of some TLC. We have buried bottles or plantpots next to some of the trees so we can pour water into the ground without it just running off straight away. In a couple of years we’ll have a lovely community orchard growing on our street!


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2 Responses to Green deed of the day II

  1. frano says:

    Just back from Oz Flo…what a great website and lovely to see the pics as well…if I can ever do anything let me know…Steve type muscle is no longer my forte but I am happy to help help sit around and harvest fiddly seeds ( remember our poppy head emptying…) or do a little slow but thorough weeding etc…I took Hannah some nasturtium capers after her article, they are great for fish or pizzas or to add a little spicy zing and crunch to almost anything.
    Pick the smaller seeds, not too big or with hard centres, pop in small jars, cover with HOT vinegar and wait a few weeks…arohanui, F

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