Gardening Bees

We have been gardening today. Well, it was more like major earthworks actually.

So the Kakariki Street Wednesday gardening club has officially commenced with a pretty great turn out -especially considering it’s just 2 days until Xmas. It feels like all my presents came early and I am absolutely delighted with the results. Six of us worked for a couple of hours and at the end of it, the results are inspiring!

Sifting out the weeds and grass roots in preparation for a sunny vege plot

Our vege patch has been dramatically extended today and will soon be home to pumpkins, melons, passionfruit, cucumber, more tomatoes & zucchini and another couple of fruit trees.

We aim to rotate around all the K.Street resident’s houses tackling those jobs which might otherwise be prohibitively daunting to contemplate on ones own. I can’t believe the work I expected to take months to do just got blitzed in a couple of hours.

Job well done!

Steve's muscle power demolished this patch of lawn!

We have a Kikuyu Grass and Couch Grass infestation. Lisa helped dig over and sift the soil.

Holly tended to the flax, toitoi and kanuka, weeding and pruning.

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