Green deed of the week

Our vege garden has just been massively expanded with a new 17m garden bed reclaimed from the evil clutches of lawn -kikuyu grass and dandelions to be precise. I have discovered that covering the grass with carpet for a few weeks to kill it off makes the job of digging out and sifting the roots much easier.

Reclaimed from the lawn, our new plot is 17 square meters of sunny goodness!

Positioned for maximum sun and shelter. This garden is handy too right by the kitchen.

I went down to Plimmerton to collect sea-lettuce to dig in as the soil needs much enriching. I also added loads of horse manure.










Building this vege garden… and filling it with edible plants to feed our family will reduce our household footprint (see ‘The Kakariki is Launched’ for explanation).

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One Response to Green deed of the week

  1. Charlotte says:

    Wow, your garden looks amazing! Well done and keep up the great work,

    Charlotte Squire

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