Food Co-ops and Vege Boxes

Eight households on Kakariki Street are members of the Paekakariki Fresh Co-op. Half of them have joined since the start of the K.St project. That means what we can’t grow, we buy organic and straight from the wholesaler. For very little effort, we get a fortnightly order of fresh fruit and veges at prices that are cheaper than non-organic produce from supermarkets. I only need to pop down the road a hundred meters to pick up my bin full of fresh tastiness, and turn up to help with the packing for a couple of hours once every six weeks. It couldn’t be easier really and I love not needing to drive up to the supermarket nearly so often. Note the lack of packaging too, at worst we use paper bags for mushrooms -but even these bags end up being wormfood in the end. On co-op day at around 3:30pm in a certain street in Paekakariki, many people can been seen wheeling barrows of fruit and veges home… it’s quite an entertaining sight really!

Packing day at the Paekak Organic Fresh Co-op HQ







A few households on K. Street get organic vege boxes delivered from other sources which means three quarters of us order only organic, predominantly local produce. Some of the street residents are also members of the Dry Goods Co-op which operates in much the same way as the Fresh Co-op, but for stuff such as beans, rice, flour, nuts, canned tomatoes, dried fruit, honey, pasta and plenty more. The Dry Goods Co-op is so popular with locals that there is a waiting list to get in. I’m sure if we could, many more of us would join it.

More organic goodness from the dry foods co-op



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