Cassels & Sons Brewery

This post is not about Kakariki Street. We can all take a lesson or two from it’s subjects though, so in the spirit of greener streets (and bluer rivers), here it is.

It’s about a truly inspiring small organic brewery in Christchurch called Cassels & Sons that was just starting to flourish when the Feb 22nd earthquake hit. In the past days we’ve seen so many tragic images from that city, but we’ve also heard plenty of tales about heroic acts and of the strong community spirit there.

This story begins before the quake. The good guys at Cassels & Sons Brewery seem to be in business for a bit more than just brewing their fine organic craft beer. On 19th February 2011 they took the “environmental responsibility” idea beyond their own four walls and down to the banks of the Heathcote River. This first video taken just three days before the quake, shows that it doesn’t always take a disaster for people to come out and care for their neighbourhood. I wanted to share it because I think it’s rather cool that these guys -who are not exactly in the business of conservation- would down tools to spend the day cleaning their little stretch of river. They didn’t wait to be prompted by some (inter)nationally organised environmental day – they just had a choice idea and did it because they could. Ok, here it is now without further a-do…

And a few days later, here’s a rather different tale of community, sustainable business and spirit from inside the Cassels & Sons Brewery. They could certainly do with some help for this clean up too, though it probably wouldn’t be such a rewarding task as cleaning the riverbank.

They are just so determined it’s awesome. If you are ever fortunate enough to see a Cassels & Sons beer on offer, grab one and savour it to the last organic drop, because you’ll know it was brewed with absolute passion. I am quite positive they will pull through and go on to inspire many others to also do business with such heart.

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One Response to Cassels & Sons Brewery

  1. david geary says:

    Cheers to Cassels & Sons Brewery – they sound like truly organic people.

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