Today we had a workshop on setting up rainwater collection barrels. The great thing about these is that you gain a store of water to get you through the hot summer months when water restrictions are in place. Even if there aren’t any water restrictions, best practice is to be self sufficient on the water front. Having said that, if we are to grow our own veges successfully, we’ll need plenty of water. Enter The Rain Barrels.

Ben Thompson, the KCDC Water Use Co-ordinator, came over to give us a workshop demonstration on setting them up – complete with all the tips and tricks to getting it just right. We discussed some really cool solutions to getting water across the garden to where it’s most needed. In our case that means we’ll be able to store it away from the house in a garden thats about eight meters away from the down pipe. I’m hoping it will also mean we can have the overflow going into the garden irrigation system and we won’t even need a new soakpit.

Drilling a hole to take the downpipe

Mike built the stand whilst Ben worked on the plumbing -the dream team!










The workshop was excellent, giving you lots of ideas of how to make this work for your individual situation, and I think everyone left thinking that it was a realistic and rather achievable option for them. I think every single person who attended put their name on the list to get one built at their house!

Although this workshop was set up by Kakariki Street, it was also promoted to the wider community and the majority of participants were from the other streets in Paekakariki. This is exactly what we were hoping for too, to spread the Kakariki St Project ideas well beyond our 13 households. Everyone went home enthused and we have plans to working bee at each other’s houses until we’re all rainbarreled up. Click here to see blueprints for building your own rainbarrel stand.

Ben wrestling with a tap as people arrive for the workshop

The lads hoist the rainbarrels into place sitting on the tailor-made, building code compliant stand -downpipe to follow!

The workshop attendees took lots of notes and agreed to pool skills to get them built for everyone who wants some.























All round it was a really awesome workshop!

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2 Responses to Rainbarrels

  1. Stacey Gasson says:

    Was looking at rainbarrels online today (as you do) and saw a good idea – if you paint them white, they’ll keep the water in the cooler (and blend nicely with your house πŸ˜‰

  2. sisami says:

    We’re thinking of putting up an Onduline screen or something… Which will double as a visual and solar barrier.

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