Green Deed of the Day III

There are some old habits which die hard, and some just won’t die at all. I like coffee, the kind that comes served friendly with a “how’s it going Flo!”. For me it’s more a social habit than a strictly necessary one. Social is good, and so that is why I don’t think I’ll ever give up my barrister made flat-white. Now I also happen to live in a place where my two coffee outlets of choice don’t have license to serve you in a cup that isn’t a disposable one. And anyway, I quite like to grab coffee on the run, so its a takeaway cup that gets used more often than not. It would be nice if there were a more guilt free version though!

Today I bought a takeaway coffee keep cup for my partner and I (he has a similar habit) from the Beach Road Deli in Paekakariki. I hope we can make using it an intrenched habit.

I’m not yet convinced it’ll be the nicest thing to drink out of, but I may grow to like it… I’m sure I thought those lids on disposable cups were weird too the first time I tried them. I think any green alternatives have to be well enough designed so that they are a pleasure to use. Same goes for anything you want to start doing, if the green option is the sexier one, you won’t find it hard to convert.

My perfect cup would be robust ceramic, fit into the drinks holder in the car, and have an easily removable and cleanable rubber grip ring… I’m not sure about lid design -perhaps one that you could remove before drinking without spilling hot coffee everywhere. Or one that could fold open half way across the top. A nice design challenge for someone.

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2 Responses to Green Deed of the Day III

  1. kim says:

    hey there, i got quite a nice ceramic cup from the homestore, it does have a rubbery lid to drink out of, but it is nice and solid…it also comes with a rubber sleeve that fits around it to help with the fact taht it gets rather hot…

  2. Stacey says:

    Thought you might find this article interesting – it’s a review and rating of three reusable cup options all available in the Wellington area – Keep Cup, Eco Cup (the ceramic mug Kim refers to), and the Ideal Cup.

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