Sustainable Home & Garden Show

This weekend we were at the Sustainable Home & Garden Show to meet members of the Public and promote our project. Lots of people we met wanted to know more about the solutions we had come up with and to share their own endeavours. What really impressed me was how much some people do to minimise their impact on the planet.

Conducting chaos! We had a full house of kids making models with great enthusiasm. Some other kids from up the road heard about it and turned up too!

We had displays of our Green Street activities, posters and a model which the Kakariki Street Children made over the past week. The model was a large map of our ‘street’ with a mini model of some of our green efforts in place of each participating household. So over one property was a model of some rainbarrels, over another address there was a model vege garden, and so on. The kids had a really great time making it and talking about what the Kakariki St Project is all about.

Some of the girls made the most intricate and delicious looking fruit and veggies

It was nice to meet up with some of the other street’s participants for the first time although I think we were all rather busy in that little tent. I can’t help thinking it would have been nice to forge some stronger ties with these other communities who are on the same journey as us… Perhaps that will happen when we all meet again at the prize-giving and all the pressure is off.


Details of rain-barrels, a solar hotwater heater, a compost heap, and worm farms








Bicycles, long-line and kayak, home cooking, a pink chicken coop, washing on the line, an orchard and plentiful gardens

We also had footprinting quizzes for visitors to fill out. Many people didn’t have all their details with them so they filled in as much as possible and then got in contact over the next week with the missing bits (like annual mileage or who their power co is). The best part of the quizzes was that it was a starting point to conversations about sustainability ideas and solutions. I think everyone was interested in our project because we offered real life examples of how to go about things and

Robert and Kirsty during rush-hour at the show

we were able in many cases to discuss what had worked for us and what hadn’t.






The lovely Lisa! We took turns looking after our stand and talking to visitors

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