Gardening Bee, Joy Darke & The Plant Lottery

We had a choice one the other day….

It was Holly’s turn for a gardening bee and our task was digging up the berm outside her house (it’s becoming a bit of a theme around these parts). She’d put down some old carpet over the grass to kill it off a couple of weeks prior so the digging was pretty easy. The carpet was given to “Anyone in Kakariki Street” by Kate from up the road, who has been observing all the stuff we’ve been up to. Thanks Kate!

Busy bees digging the berm -just look at that freshly turned soil - the pizza was well deserved! In the foreground, the carpet has been laid down to kill off the remaining grass before it gets dug over too.

'After' shot. Check out those beautiful logs -oh and the driftwood fence! Using natural wood for landscaping is so much better environmentally than treated timber. This fence is 9 years old and still going strong.












The diggers proved all fit and the work was completed in time for yet another awesome pot-luck dinner. Holly, divine cook that she is, made pizzas for everyone. She can make just about anything! Her homemade pasta is really tasty too… and that’s before you even add sauce!

Joy Darke who is one of the competition judges, was really kind and donated a few plants from a nursery to each of the Greenest Streets. We had arranged a time with her to meet that suited everyone, but in the end it got postponed and Joy came to visit during the Gardening Bee at Holly’s place. A rather apt time really, considering… Later that evening, just after pizza, those of us who were there decided to hold a lottery to see who would get the 4 plants. In the end the names drawn were Steve, Holly, Sue and Anja & Kristen.

The Cherry Guava (seen to the left) from Joy has a new home between two houses -life on the edge!

Steve said that even though his name was first out of the hat, Holly could choose the plant she wanted… So the guava tree it was. But her garden is so full of fruit trees already, she decided it wouldn’t fit… then she asked if we could plant it on the newly dug berm between her place and mine and share it. That was a moment of genius I thought!

Thank you very much Joy, the Cherry Guava is already thriving and looking really healthy.

Mo picking the winning name out of a very nice hat!

Tito picking second place getter (and this is a bit suspect) -his mum!

Eddy's choice was for a very deserving lady across the road from his house

Harley chose his mate's mum to take the fourth prize


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