It’s Curtains To The Cold

We have been putting the finishing touches on our house’s new winter attire. Hat and boots have already been taken care of, in the form of ceiling and underfloor insulation. Now for the new frock – insulating curtains!

We moved into our house in April last year. It had previously been used as a childcare facility and did not come with any of the usual chattels… like lampshades and curtains. This was probably a blessing if the previous owner’s taste in loud coloured wall paint was anything to go by! Anyways, a year on and we still hadn’t quite got around to replacing our safety-pinned up sheets with real curtains. But with winter looming, it was high time we got it sorted!

I was fortunate enough to be put on to the Wellington Curtain Bank which is a fantastic little operation run by the Sustainability Trust. The moment I heard of it, I thought that it was such a great idea and immediately started thinking about all the other sorts of ‘banks’ we should have.

I made an appointment with Erica, and she got me to take in our lounge room window measurements and have a look through the shelves of curtains at the bank for something suitable. I must admit, before I went in, I did have a sneaking suspicion that I’d probably wind up with something so hideous I’d regret going in the first place… but fortunately, curiosity got the better of me. There are quite a lot of curtains at the bank and it’s a good thing they are all measured, labeled and stored according to size so that it narrows the search and the choice down somewhat.

We were so lucky to get such a fine set of drapes, we think they look pretty hot!

In the end, there was only one set that was suitable as we have one long window and another short one next to it… I was looking for 3 curtains and I was really lucky to get just that, AND in a colour that goes surprisingly well with the rest of our furnishings. We also got a second set and a curtain rail to go over our old-school and very draughty ranch slider. So, for every bit of aperahension I went into the bank with, I came out with a large dose of satisfaction.

Once we had the curtains, I had quite a bit a trouble finding the right little curtain rail fittings I needed for our old rails. I had to replace half of them that were either broken or missing. I tried curtain shops, hardware stores, and two Spotlight stores (a large fabric and curtain shop). Eventually I  found a bag full of them for 50c at the Sali Army’s. I should have gone there right from the beginning!

The ranch sliders were our weakest point. Putting up proper insulating curtains over them has made a huge difference.

So, kitted out with everything we needed, we put up our new lushious pale blue raw silk curtains and stood back to admire them. We are fortunate to have pelmets over our windows so the insulating effect is awesome. Actually, the first thing we noticed, was that the room acoustics were different. And then that evening… our place was suddenly so much warmer and easier to heat. I guess I hadn’t been expecting such a dramatically huge improvement.

We are now very snug and very pleased with our new drapes. Thanks a million to the Sustainability Trust’s Wellington Curtain Bank!

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