The Amery-Zwartz Household

Kakariki Street has brought our community closer together, enriching our lives and doing better by the environment at the same time. Instead of a `nice-to-have’ add-on, sustainable living is an intrinsic part of our lives. We share more, talk more, grow more and as a consequence have to travel and spend less. This leads to a diminishing carbon footprint. So we treasure the stronger friendships we have, the food we grow and share and that we receive in return.

Hannah standing in front of her worm farm (housed in an old recycled bath), during one of the Kakariki St workshops.

Our lives are richer. And warmer: Greenest Street gave us a kick in the pants to finish insulation, get some proper curtains, and finish off that draft-proofing. Importantly we got to share information along the way about the best and most economical ways to do these things because we were meeting together, sharing dinner, skills and information.




Highlights for us:

  • Gardening bees and of course the potlucks.
  • The mulcher (Can’t wait to get stuck in!)
  • A new worm farm in a recycled bath, $5 from Otaihanga Landfill. We have finally solved the problem of rats getting into the compost.
  • Upcycled curtains made from blankets- Very warm and snug.
  • Joining the co-ops, shopping far less at the supermarket, driving around less, having less packaging to deal with, and finding that organic food doesn’t have to be expensive.
  • Underfloor insulation.
  • Carsharing: our people-mover is available to borrow when neighbours need it.
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