The Bright Household

Green Streeter Steve Bright: Past, present and future.

I left work and the commute to Wellington to work locally. I stopped helping the construction of bland office buildings to design an eco-house and plant trees for a local conservation group. When renovating my own home, I decided to install a wet-back fire, solar water heating, a greywater system and a rainwater catchment system. I insulated the loft with wool. I have sold the TV as there was no time for it. I have placed low energy light bulbs though out the house. I have a garage of tools that I regularly lend out, more often that not with the operator!

Steve built the first raised garden bed in a sunny spot in the garden and plans to grow as much of his own produce and meat as possible

With the success of the first raised bed, Steve couldn't help but keep on going and built a second one alongside it!

During the Green Street competition I have been getting into the garden. A number of veggie beds have been rediscovered and a number of new ones constructed. I have been helping others with their gardens which in turn has helped my learning in this previously black hole in my knowledge. I still have a long way to go on the garden front, but feel I at least know the direction now. I have taken a fresh look at my home and the resources it requires to maintain. Currently in production of decent insulating curtains (and installing pelmets). I have contacted the Sustainability Trust who will be installing underfloor insulation in the next couple of weeks. After seriously weighing up and calculating the carbon footprint of each available transport mode, I took the train instead of flying on a trip to Christchurch.

Steve's engineering skills came in handy when he set up the house with rainwater tanks under the garden, a solar water heater and a wetback fire

In the future the production of food will be ongoing. I have allocated a space for the rearing of chickens and look forward to meeting my meat whilst it is still alive. A share in a (second hand) canoe and long line is next on the shopping list.

Over all the green street experience has been helpful and beneficial in connecting with others and getting things done which otherwise would have been put further down the ‘to do’ list or put off indefinitely. I believe that once the competition has come and gone the Kakariki Street group as a whole or in parts will continue, grow and evolve but head in broadly the same direction, which can be nothing but a good thing. Thanks

Steve B.

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