The Düssler Household

We have created a wilderness garden down one side of our section, allowing many native plants to seed.  When it gets too full, we pass on these seedlings to friends who want native trees.

Robert (a teacher) cycles to school and back as much as he can, a few times a week, instead of driving or carpooling.

One of the greatest ways to use your kitchen scraps, in a worm farm

We have rejoined the local food co-ops, and are using the supermarket as little as possible.

Our gardens have extended, including a ‘lasagne’ bed.  We created our raised beds from found materials, mostly driftwood from the beach, and filled them with compost we have made.

We have created a very successful worm farm, and we apply the liquid daily rotating around the garden.

We keep chickens and were much helped by attending a workshop about chickens put on by Kakariki street.


The free range veggie plot! The Düssler's make excellent use out of found materials... especially drift wood.

We are planting more fruit trees this winter and are looking forward to having them on the berms in Haumia street.

We have changed to Meridian energy to support their 100% sustainable energy resources commitment.

We are mowing our lawn a lot less and are creating areas where the grass is allowed to grow freely.

This studio/sleepout in the garden is made out of 100% recycled materials, and it is absolutely delightful!

Nearly all our clothes and household items are purchased secondhand.

We have managed to reduce our foodbill by 25% by buying mainly non processed foods

We have avoided using electric heaters and are warming the house with the fireplace and a fan which distributes the heat to the rest of the house.

I could go on and on…. It’s been fun!

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