The Gunn Household

What we’ve aways done: Had a vegetable garden, and lots of fruit trees, composted, kept chickens, recycled, used trees off our property to run the fire, HRV system, used energy efficient lightbulbs, shared produce, made preserves.

What we’ve more reently done: Renovated the bedrooms and fully insulated walls and ceilings, double glazing and econoheaters in bedrooms, carpooling – Janine with 2 others and Gunna drives 1-3 others, purchased appliances as recommended by Consumer with good energy ratings, got a worm farm

Since Kakariki Street: Turned appliances off at the wall when not in use, used environmentally friendly cleaning products, purchased gas cylinder in December which lasted until May for hot water (for 4 adults), had a grey water pump installed, we plan our travel to reduce petrol consumption, share tools, reduced the number of meat meals we have each week, put thermal curtains in the lounge and made doorstops to retain heat in rooms, rainwater for our fruit trees, bag and drum composting, hothouse to grow produce, provide firewood to locals, reduced the amount of rubbish we put in the wheelie bin, we generally use more sustainable products, and we are looking forward to using the mulcher and getting fruit trees on our street.

Still plan to: Put in water barrels, Get underfloor insulation

Best part of Kakariki Street: Met some lovely people, with a greeat sence of community

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