The Rozings

From the beginning the Green Street competition struck us as a great idea, ideally we have always thought to try and tread a bit lighter on the planet, but life and lifestyle sometimes get in the way and ‘old habits die hard!’  For me it has been about a raising of consciousness about the way we live and things we do day to day, number one being the amount of plastic waste coming into our home. One of the great outcomes has been getting to know some of our neighbours better, being able to share skills, produce, materials and knowledge.

Lisa & Torv have installed a 2 000 Litre rainwater tank which they use to water the garden

We installed a rainwater tank about 8 years ago after a very dry summer
and can use this water for our gardens and also have it piped for use in
the greenhouse.  For the main our garden waste is chopped up for
firewood, kindling, mulch and compost.  We have fashioned a grey water
system for laundry and bath run off which works very effectively, whilst
taking pressure of the septic tank.

As far as projects go, we have achieved draft stopping on doors and
windows, installed an HRV to combat damp and utilise roof heat, and this
is proving very effective.  We have set up a new composting system,
built a greenhouse and extended our vegetable growing space and are
currently looking at upgrading our insulation.

Engineering ingenuity with recycled and found materials, Torv has moments of genius!

So still lots to get round to here … my wish list is on going and
includes getting started in existing food co-ops to reduce in coming
waste and trips to the supermarket, more use of local shops becoming a
more effective vege grower and start preserving, more car pooling and
more walking, I will leave it at continuing relationships with all our
wonderful Kakariki Street Neighbours.

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