The Van’t hof Household

I went into this project because I like the idea behind it.
For us all to become more aware of the environment we live in and the community around us.
I have been reserved in my participation in community garden bees as just can’t fit it in and am a bit solo like.

I started the summer of stripping the paint of my house with a heat gun, and then preparing it and painting.
This has been a slow process but was hugely rewarding when you stood back to admire.
Unfortunately it was a much bigger job than I anticipated, it is turning into a 5 year project.
But I’m maintaining my home myself.

I have always kept my green rubbish and love my compost bins, very satisfying having it all break down and to reuse on the garden as mulch and compost.

I have 3 vege gardens I am maintaining, these seem to produce something year round.
One big garden bed I’m resting with weeds as the oxalis got the better of me this year.
But soon i feel the inspiration to bring it back to life.

I have double curtained all the bedrooms, and this made a big difference to warmth and sound.

I am also aware of the car trips up to Raumati and Paraparaumu, its a little hard to avoid, with work and childrens commitments.
I did bike to work in Raumati, through the park, and consider myself lucky, must use more!!!

I have joined the fresh and dry co-op, and really enjoying both.

My heating for my home is a woodburner only.

My home already had an under floor tin foil. Its not the best but will do for now.
My ceiling also has batts.

So thank you Flo for being a fantastic co-ordinator and motivator!
I want to continue to improve my slice of paradise, and to met in the middle with great neighbors for a beer and a dance!!

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