Mining Pallets

One of the most abundant and useful waste products I can think of is pallets.

There are over half a billion of them produced each year around the world, and by my reckoning, that adds up to a load of free and very useful timber that’s probably going to waste each day all over at warehouses and yards near you.

I was recently given a stack of them and it got my creative mind roaming

A small truck load of pallets turned up the other day -much to my delight!

So what can be done with them? Well fortunately for me and you, lots of people have already been fretting over that question and have come up with some really cool designs. I thought I’d share a few that I would like to try myself.





The first design is by friend and fellow Paekakarikian John Wraight. He prefers to use pallets made of American Oak to the more commonly found Pinus Radiata ones. Apparently the Oak ones last significantly longer.


This next one is great for so many reasons…

The Palletten Haus takes it to a whole other level! Designed by students in Austria, it won the 2008 GAUDI European Student Competition on sustainable architecture.

This modular energy efficient and affordable house was designed by two students from Vienna University








You can read more about it here Palletten Haus

And while we’re on the subject of students… Here’s what a Danish bunch built at the Aarhus School of Architecture read more

The Aarhus students designed and built this experiment in architecture for public space








There are endless examples of smaller projects you can build for around the house and garden. Some of the better looking ones can be found here

The link above has loads of really beautiful ideas for what can be done with recycled pallets









And finally, for those who really want to pimp out every corner of their section pallet-styles. This site has so many ideas and easy to follow photo sequences. Make sure you scroll all the way down to the Home Hang-out

This pic is of the partially completed 'Home Hangout' click the link and scroll down to see the finished product -really quite stunning!

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2 Responses to Mining Pallets

  1. Lotte says:

    Pallet love! Here are a couple more: a marvellous pallet wall…

    …and my friend’s husband made this for their London flat. When they come back home I will definitely be asking him to make me one! (Since I haven’t got round to doing it myself, and probably never will)

  2. Chair bombing that’s a pretty funny idea (mind you, you seem to be able to put ‘bombing’ after just about anything these days – photo bombing, garden bombing, chair bombing, where will it end?)

    Also have to mention North 5th and Berry is just down the street from where we used to live – Ezra was born at Nth8 and Berry ;_)

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