Where On Earth Is Kakariki Street?

Welcome to Kakariki Street. From October 2010 until June 2011 we were Paekakariki’s first entry into the Kapiti Coast District Council’s Greenest Street competition. The aim was for each participating street to improve their overall impact on the environment as individual households and as a community. We were judged on A. How much we improved by June 2011 (30%), B. What our overall footprint was at the end (30%), C. What we achieved as a community group (30%), and D. Other initiatives that may not be covered in the questionnaire (10%). No one was singled out as good or bad because marks were based on the average person’s footprint in each street.


Kakariki Street a cluster of 13 households at the northern end of Paekakariki but you won’t find it on any map as we are spread over 3 adjoining streets, many of us backing on to each other’s properties. The Kakariki Street Project joined Tilley Rd, Te Miti St and Haumia St, to create one new one. We live in mostly 1960s bungalows, many of which were built by the Railways and we are made up of mostly young, medium sized families. Many of us have long been working towards a life that’s less carbon heavy, and so we got off to a good start. We have a very strong sense of community here and the desire to make this beautiful place even better.

Now the competition has come to an end (prize-giving was on 26th June 2011). We had the most incredible 9 months of learning and growing as a neighbourhood within the wider Paekakariki community and the great thing is, it has never really stopped even though the competition did. Where ever possible, we have tried to invite the whole village along to our workshops and events, and people have really responded. We have been offered and donated many things by Kakariki Street admirers from all over Paekakariki, and in turn we have been sharing stories of everything we know and have learnt about living lighter on this plant. The conversations will continue for a long time into the future I am sure!


6 Responses to Where On Earth Is Kakariki Street?

  1. david geary says:

    Ah, this is great – Putting the kakariki into Paekakariki – i wish i was in on this, instead of eating pale yellow eggs, piling up the plastic and… we aren’t buying a car, just doing public transport and using a Car Co-Op (quite a cool idea). kia kaha Kakarikians – David Geary

  2. sisami says:

    Thanks David. Kakariki St wishes you were in on it too! So start with the quiz and work your way back from there 🙂 http://myfootprint.org/en

    And let us in on what the Canadians know about living lighter that we haven’t already thought of over here. I’m sure for one they have got the hang of proper insulation!

  3. ben says:

    Flo – can you get in touch – the rain barrels look good from the plastic welding firm and would be good to talk further

  4. Hi, I would love to know what you did to join Freecycle. I’m going round in circles trying to do it.

    • sisami says:

      Yeah, yahoo’s quite a badly designed site I think. From memory (and it’s been a while) you had to sign up and then go to your profile or some equivalent (account?) and activate it somehow… It might have been up in the top right hand corner, but I’m a bit vague on it by now. I remember having a couple of attempts -gave up the first time.
      Once active, you can sign up to any group you like. Keep on trying, I’m still a great fan of Freecycle and have used it just this week with great success. Good luck and let me know how you get on!

  5. Tim says:

    Flo, where did you get the rain barrels from?
    I’m also interested in the mulcher, i have some stuff to mulch already.

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