Low Flush Toilet No.8 Styles!

Our toilet is old-school. I’m not sure how many liters the cistern holds, but it flushes a great torrent of water each time and there are no half measures.

So what to do about it? I considered getting a new cistern but that seemed a bit of a waste to me as we’ll build a bigger bathroom in a year or so. I have no idea what we’ll install when we do and I’d rather not buy twice. Our current bathroom was adapted from a wheelchair access toilet… and it’s a bit pokey to say the least! When we do extend the house, it might even be possible to get a composting toilet, but that’s for the future.

Here's our DIY low flush water cistern solution - a bunch of old preserving and jam jars!

In the meantime we have come up with the simplest solution in the world. We’ve put as many glass jars standing upright into the cistern as we could fit. So now when the toilet flushes, the jars stay full and hey presto, lots of water saved each time!

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