Monthly Archives: December 2010

Gardening Bees

We have been gardening today. Well, it was more like major earthworks actually. So the Kakariki Street Wednesday gardening club has officially commenced with a pretty great turn out -especially considering it’s just 2 days until Xmas. It feels like … Continue reading

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Green deed of the day II

Sue and I weeded and mulched the fruit trees on our berms. It’s shockingly dry out there and as our trees are just babies, they were in need of some TLC. We have buried bottles or plantpots next to some … Continue reading

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Lasagna Gardens everywhere!

Lasagna Gardening does not refer to plots of cheese and tomato plants nor does it refer to pasta leaves! It does however mean a garden bed that is built up in layers – a bit like making a lasagna. The … Continue reading

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